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The City of New York is committed to achieving excellence in the design and construction of its capital program, and building on the tradition of innovation in architecture and engineering that has contributed to the City's prestige as a global destination. As part of this effort, DDC is pleased to announce the contracting opportunities listed below.

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1 8502018HW0055P
HWDRCW06, Requirements Contracts for Engineering Design and Related Services for Bridges, Step Streets, Retaining Walls/Bulkheads and Other Miscellaneous Structures, Citywide
MWBE Goals, Posted 4/17/2019
5/21/2019 4:00:00 PM View list
2 8502019SE0041P SER200202, ResidentEngineering Inspection Services for the Reconstruction of New Storm Sewer Extension in Eagan Avenue, Borough of Staten Island
The design plans for the project listed are now available for review. Please contact the designated contract manager for an appointment.
MWBE Goals, Posted 4/15/2019
Addendum 1, Posted 4/23/2019
5/14/2019 4:00:00 PM View list
3 8502019HW0017P HWK1148, Preliminary and Final Design Services for Jewel Street Area Reconstruction, Boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens
The reference documents for the project listed are now available for review. Please contact the designated Contract Managers for an appointment.
MWBE Goals, Posted 3/25/2019 (MWBE Goals)
Addendum 1, Posted 3/27/2019 (Addendum No.1)
Addendum 2, Posted 4/18/2019 (Addendum No.2)
5/6/2019 4:00:00 PM View list


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