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PQL Vendors

  The following entities are pre-qualified vendors for RFQ project:
8502015HR0017P, CDBG-DR Funded - Mechanical for 1 to 4 Family Homes $300,000 or Less for Residential Community Recovery (Build it Back )

1 ACS System Associates, Inc. Yes (914) 665-5800 view details
2 AWL Industries, Inc. No (718) 388-5500 view details
3 Card Heating & Cooling Inc Yes (718) 720-2496 view details
4 Colossus HVAC LLC No (732) 258-1811 view details
5 Geo-Tech Construction Corp. Yes (516) 625-1870 view details
6 HAAS, Incorporated Yes (516) 921-2016 view details
7 King Freeze Mechanical Corp Yes SM@KINGFREEZE.BIZ (212) 760-9300 view details
8 North Star Mechanical Corp. Yes (718) 532-0051 view details
9 Tameer Inc. Yes (516) 858-0555 view details
10 Zoi Contracting Inc Yes (718) 768-8851 view details

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The Contact Information contained in the Pre-qualfied Vendors List is provided for the convenience of the public. Such Contact Information was obtained from entities that purchased or downloaded the RFQ Documents. DDC does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the Contact Information provided. By accessing such Contact Information, the user agrees that it has no right to recover on any claim against the City in the event the information provided is inaccurate or incomplete.


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